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 PWW-triangle Vägen till Sunda Industrier, en guide för styrelse, VD och företagsledning: Här får du en sammanfattning på svenska om vad PWW handlar om.

PWW-triangle Change to Component Health Monitoring for Massive Equipment Reliability :  Many condition monitoring (CdM) techniques require that your machines and equipment reach a near failed state before they detect the symptoms of failure. This guarantees that you will have many machines in your operation always near-to-failure.

PWW-triangle How Plant Wellness Reduces Failures And Maintenance Costs: The focus of maintenance should be upon maintaining the ‘wellbeing’ of the plant—when the task is to ‘fix the machine’ maintenance has failed in its basic mission.

PWW-triangle Maintenance Management Strategy by Physics of Failure Factors Analysis: The Physics of Failure Factors Analysis for selecting maintenance strategy is a one-person exercise that identifies all the ways that a component can physically fail.

PWW-triangle Minimum Maintenance Strategy by Physics of Failure Analysis: All machines and equipment fail for two reasons—distortion or degradation. Distortion causes parts to suffer such high stress or fatigue that their atomic structures fail. When parts degrade their atomic structure is attacked by environmental elements….

PWW-triangle Overview of the Plant Wellness Way Methodology: Learn how to apply the Plant and Equipment Wellness asset management methodology. Follow the steps to get the best performance from your plant and equipment.

PWW-triangle Reliability Growth Cause Analysis, Tutorial: Improved reliability has a cause. Just like a failure has a cause, so too is there a cause for improved reliability. You can wait for a failure to happen and then learn from the experience and change your processes to prevent it. That is root cause failure analysis. But it is not proactive behaviour.

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