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Lifetime Reliability Solutions Scandinavia (LRSS) is the northern branch of the global Lifetime Reliability Solutions (LRS) network . Our home market is Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland were many industries are in need to become more productive to meet global competition.

Our clients gets access to new methods and programs from around the world that boosts and creates more sustainable and more reliable results.

LRS Consultants are experts in Enterprise Asset Management, Lean Improvement. We are Maintenance Consultants for Operational Excellence and World Class Reliability and Maintenance Solutions.

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Consulting for Business that Delivers World Class Results

Our Statement of Purpose is to help every industrial operation and manufacturing business achieve operational excellence and create world-class production performance. Through the Plant Wellness Way Consultant Network you get world-class asset maintenance management, Lean process improvements, and best-practice ACE 3T quality management system consulting and training solutions. Your site gets all the help and expertise it needs to surely become a world class operation.

High life-cycle profits come from practicing those operational and business management strategies that move you to world-class operational performance. We help organisations instil best-practice engineering asset management and create competitive operations and lean maintenance so they can have maximum productivity with least maintenance and operational costs.

We start by understanding what you want to achieve with your business. We review your operation to see what world-class practices it needs in order to permanently lift operational and maintenance performance to higher benchmarks. Problem issues are spotted and we develop appropriate engineering asset management, operating and maintenance strategies and training. These are optimised to produce the best life-cycle profit from your operation without further major capital expenditure.

Together we develop a strategy and complete plan (the ‘road map’) to the performance you want. We include world-class training to build the necessary best-practices into your operation, introduce performance measures to monitor your progress, determine the action steps required to implement the changes, identify the resources and costs required to get the lifetime operational and profit improvements you want.

Training for Workforces in World Best Practices

Companies perform as well as the people in them are able. When your people become more knowledgeable and highly expert, the company can then become great and world-class. High levels of skills and knowledge reflect in high levels of personal performance, good choices and best work quality.

To help companies reach their full capabilities we offer unique and special training and development for their people. Our training is designed to raise peoples’ knowledge and expertise to world-class levels of performance by providing them the education, skills and knowledge of world-class performers. We develop people and show them how to excel and progressively master the necessary skills and knowledge needed to reach expert levels of competency. Our training methods and focus have the following attributes:

  • Helps turn your operation into a learning organisation
  • Training that thoroughly covers the topic as well as its effects on the business systems it is used in Solutions focused: Explains the proper operation as well as learning problem-solving and trouble-shooting
  • Take people from basic knowledge through to competent expert
  • Recognised by authoritative people and organisations as having high value and worth
  • Instil love and passion for new knowledge and the value it brings to people
  • Help customers with what they are deeply interested in, are concerned about, or greatly desire to achieve
  • Provide only top-quality and accurate content that is continually modernised, updated and advanced
  • Lifts people higher in self-belief and self-esteem
  • Puts people at the forefront of best practice and continual improvement
  • Encourages progressive, calculated and controlled risk-taking of new ideas and concepts
  • Heavily customer oriented and tailored for their business’ needs

You cannot help but become more profitable and competitive when your workforce is full of people with the right world-class abilities and skills.

Driven by a Vision of Operational Excellence and World Class Engineering Asset Management Performance

From our start-up in 2004 our vision has been to maximise life cycle profits by stopping and preventing operating problems in industrial and manufacturing businesses through helping organisations develop sustainable excellence in life cycle engineering asset management, achieve world-class lean operational performance and use best-practice risk based maintenance management methods and applying precision skills to get maximum equipment reliability and service life.

The Core Values that Guide Us

In all that we do strive to:

  • Put our Clients’ and Customers’ interest first
  • Be friendly, pleasant and professional.
  • Provide our people with compensation reflecting the value contributed.
  • Be honest and live with integrity and respect for oneself, co-worker, customer, community and the Planet.
  • Achieve delighted client satisfaction because we delivered truly valuable service.
  • To use no more than necessary.
  • Be competent and become the best that we can be.
  • Enrich and improve peoples’ lives.

Measures of success

Our Key Performance Indicators are only customer satisfaction focused.

  • The degree to which customer requirements are fulfilled.
  • Extent to which we deeply understand our customers and their needs.
  • The strength of our relationships with Clients.

We know that our success results from our customers’ success.



Head Office hours are from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday local time.

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